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Remove Limits on Your Business

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It is secure, anywhere access to your completely integrated, virtual office: Enterprise-class VoIP through Lync integrated with your Office 365 account: email and calendars; complete presence integration; audio, video & web conferencing; and tile sharing.

Why settle for a partial Office 365 cloud offering when you can have a completely integrated Microsoft-based solution? Not only can you move your e-mail and document storage needs to the cloud, but now you can virtualize your complete office including enterprise voice and move all your communication needs giving you a completely integrated offering with a single provided.

Best of all, there is no requirement to upgrade your Office 365 account. Workspace will include Unified Messaging (LIM) / voice mail at no additional cost'

Workspace Communications offers you Lync with Enterprise Voice:

Make phone calls trom anywhere with a click.

Free "On-Network" Calling
Enterprise Voice for "Off-Network" Calling
Toll Free Number Access for Audio Conferencing
Auto Attendant, Response Group and Call Center ACD

It you have not set up an Office 365 account or would like to have Workspace Communications host all your communications directly needs, contact us to learn more about your options.

Creating a Mobile Workforce

Unified Communications (UC) takes disparate business communication applications and devices and ties them together under a single platform. It virtually combines your business applications with your communications to create a whole new level of efficiency and workforce mobility.

Microsoft Unified Communications enables people to "find" and communicate with each other trom wherever they are throughout the day, enabling taster decision making. And when your managers become more responsive to business needs, your daily operations become more erective. Meanwhile, the enhanced system integration provided by I-IC can reduce infrastructure costs and simplify administration.

The implementation of I-IC triggers a series of improvements that extend throughout your organization. Individual productivity climbs, followed by heightened workgroup collaboration. Some key benefits include:

Reduced infrastructure & Support costs
Operational efficiency
Reduced energy consumption

SaaS: No up-front Investment

Implementing an on-premise Unified Communications solution isn't always the right option, especially for businesses that prefer to avoid the up-front investment in equipment. Others lack the physical space to house the servers and other equipment needed to support a custom LIC solution. In any case, there's an alternative: Workspace provides a SaaS-based Unified Communications service. It's a per-user subscription to UC that requires no up-front investment and no back-office infrastructure.

Office communications "in a box"

When you sign up for WorkSpace Communications' SaaS-based Unified Communications, you get all of the advantages of an on- premise UC solution. The only difference is that your system is supported by our resources, not yours. How it works:

workspace maintains the Microsoft LIC infrastructure at our own facilities
workspace purchases the hardware and we host the full suite of Microsoft LIC products, upgrading them as needed so you can be sure you're always using the latest technology
workspace manages the back-office functions and our experienced IT statt provides the ongoing support you need to implement UC effortlessly.
workspace will also provide the training you need to help employees transition to the new I-IC system — and as your staff grows, so does your UC solution.
workspace's I-IC solution is the turnkey, cost-effective way to bring the benefits of LIC into your business.

Workspace Communications Unified Communications Services:

You pay a monthly per-user subscription and we deliver the suite of I-IC services to each employee's desktop, so your company's voice and data communications are fully integrated.

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service, from provisioning your phones to providing the dial tone
Microsoft Exchange — e-mail
Microsoft Lync
Hardware and wireless devices
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Instant Messaging
Voice mail
ActiveSync and Blackberry mobile e-mail services
Office Anywhere
Live Meeting

Hosted Lync Contact Center

WorkSpace can fully integrate with your existing premise-based Lync solution, or we can deliver both Lync and ACO to you via the cloud. Either way, you get the advantages of Microsoft Lync and a comprehensive contact center solution that's managed by a team of experts. VIE can help you boost agent productivity, improve customer satisfaction and increase your conversion rates.

A complete Unified Communications Application Suite for Lync Server 2010
A single vendor for all your communications, including contact center solutions
No proprietary hardware required - desktop phones, servers, etc.
Integrated Contact Center Applications
Automatic Call Distribution
Agent Desktop Call Management (ACD)
Supervisor Queue and Workgroup Management
Real Time Performance Display
Centralized Call Recording
Integrated Call Reporting

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