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Custom Application Development

Building Business Applications

Atidan is proud to incorporate Telerik's solutions into our custom application development projects. Telerik's tools for agile project management, collaboration, development and testing allow companies of all sizes to create richer, more stable and aesthetic software faster than ever before. Trusted by over 100 000 customers worldwide for our devotion to quality and customer care, Telerik helps technical and business professionals maximize their productivity and "deliver more than expected" every day


Developer Tools

Presentation layer technologies - RadControls, the industry's leading 1-11 component suites for ASP.NET, AJAX, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, WPF and Windows Forms and the

Productivity tools The essential tools for code analysis, refactoring ,mocking, decompiling, and memory and performance profiling Reporting engine - Telerik Reporting, the easiest way to create embedded and printable reports for all .Net platforms

Data Access — OpenAccess , a convenient tool for building powerful data layers for all popular databases through a visual designer
Kendo UI - everything you need to build sites and mobile apps with JavaScript and HTML5
Icenium - use HTML5 and JavaScript to easily build iOS and Android hybrid mobile applications.
Application Analytics - discover app usage patterns, analyze user data, log exceptions, trace problems and profile performance in real time. Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, .NET, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Forms, Java, Win32/C++, COM, Mac OS X applications.

Agile Project Management

Team Pulse the tool that helps teams organize their work, collaborate, share knowledge and ultimately deliver results every time. Agile or not, Team Pulse will help your software team get things done.

Automated Testing Tools

Test Studio - the industry's premier tool for automated testing of Silverlight, WPF, ASRNET AJAX and MVC applications

Web Content Management

Sitefinity the next-generation web platform for public websites and intranets trusted by over 11,000 customers

Open and Modular Architecture

Leverage our unified development stack for building mobile apps using only JavaScript. Innovate raplay "Th a platform Thar Is bull To Into your environment

The Q2'14 release of DevCratt introduces a wide range of capabilities to help you build .NET apps using any technology—established or evolving. The release otters new responsive capabilities to help your ASRNET projects meet the mobile challenge, and significant document processing and productivity enhancements for both, desktop and web.

ASP.NET AJAX: LOB Functionality and Responsiveness

Build applications with a I-IX tailored to any device thanks to 15 more controls gaining responsive, adaptive and elastic capabilities. Enjoy faster and easier client-side binding with the new ClientDataSource and its integration with all data-bound controls. Leverage the new Diagram, Map and Gantt controls so you have more time to focus your application business logic.

UI for Silverlight: New Theme and Document Processing Capabilities

New visual Studio 2013 theme comes in three color variations: Light, Dark and Blue.
PdtProcessing library enables your applications to easily import and export tiles to and from PDF format.
RadSpreadProcessing for Silverlight enables your applications to process the most common spreadsheet tile formats without external dependencies on third-party libraries.
New features in Spreadsheet, PivotGrid, Scheduleview and other controls.

UI for WPF: New Theme Cloud Upload and Document Processing Capabilities

New visual Studio 2013 theme comes in three color variations: Light, Dark and Blue.
RadCloudlupload for WPF enables easy integration with any cloud storage providers, including Azure, AmazonS3 and Telerik Backend Services.
The PdtProcessing library enables your applications to easily import and export tiles to and from PDF format.
Both RadSpreadProcessing (otticial) and RadWordsProcessing (beta) are out of CTR You can now easily process the most common text and spreadsheet tile formats.
New features in Spreadsheet, PivotGrid, Scheduleview and other controls.

UI for WinForms: The Power of Document Processing

Embed, load, create, convert and print documents directly within your WinForms apps, without needing Microsott Office—or any other external library—installed on the client or server.
Enjoy a number of improvements and new teatures designed to provide a smoother user experience in RadGridMew, RadChartView, RadScheduler, RadMaskedEdit30x, RadDateTimePicker, RadPageView, RadSplitContainer and RadCalendar

UI for Windows 8. Connecting DataGrid With Database

Perform CRUD operations right from the user interface of RadDataGrid thanks to the brand new DataStorage provider. The provider connects our Windows 8 Grid to the Data Storage component, seamlessly reflecting all changes made in the Grid UI in the Data Storage component.
Easily present, sort and analyze data in decreasing numbers with the new addition to our Windows 8 Chart: support for Inverse Axes. This functionality is handy when building race timing apps, or error count visualizing app

Telerik Reporting: Enhancing the Map

Leverage the new Pie graph and Bar graph series in your Map item and enjoy a more comprehensive geographical data representation.
Enjoy the enhanced upgrade Wizard, enabling you to handle HTML5 Report Mewer upgrades and an improved Report Wizard, now offernig new item templates and report types support.
Bind report items to a CSV Data Source, and thanks to a dedicated wizard, avoid any unnecessary coding.

The Just* Products: Focus on the Developer

The Just products are focusing on what our users really need and want, releasing the top voted user requests from our feedback portals:

Remove Unused Referenced with the JustCode VS extension to improve user experience.
Browse the history for past unit tests with the new Result History functionality in the JustCode test runner.
Optimize methods with performance issues with the new JustTrace Source Level profiling in the Method List view Run the JustMock mocking frameork easily on your favorite build servers with the new Installation-tree profiler activation.

Data Access: Enhanced Visual Designer

Add custom attributes to any persistent property or persistent class in your Domain Model so it becomes a part of the regular code generation. Never again add code manually.
Configure your model to so it can be serialized with a single click in the Model Settings dialog, enabling you to pass serialized data between you application tiers.

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