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Archiving Solutions

Email Archiving
The flagship of the Smarsh email management suite is its email archiving and compliance solution. Smarsh will capture every email attachment) that enters or leaves your organization, as well as internal messages, and preserve them all in evidentiary-quality tor repository Within the Smarsh Management Console, administrators can leverage best-in-class search, supervision and on-demand export functionality

Social Media Archiving
End-to-end social media compliance solutions from Smarsh give organizations of all sizes the preservation, supervision and policy embrace the emerging regulatory requirements to review and archive content from social networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Social media traffic can be captured instantly via proxy and/or through APIs. Depending on the implementation type, Smarsh offers policy and feature access controls tor your organization's social media users.

Web Archiving
The Smarsh Web Archiving service crawls any website and captures each Web page and all of its contents (including audio, video, RSS feeds, blogs, social feeds, slideshows, PDFs, JavaScript and more) in original format, providing the precise record of what was published online at any specific point in time.

IM and Collaboration Archiving
Smarsh offers a host of instant messaging solutions tor enterprises including smarshIM, Smarsh Hosted 1M Proxy, and other corporate archiving tor new and emerging platforms and message types. Smarsh also supports integration with Enterprise Unitied Communications platforms such as Microsoft Lync and OCS, IBM Sametime and third-party networks such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Pivot, Jive and ICE Chat. Enterprise social collaboration tools integrate seamlessly within the Smarsh Management Console including Archiving and Compliance tor Salesforce Chatter and Archiving and Compliance tor Yammer.

Mobile Messaging Archiving
The mobile messaging module enables firms to capture, index and preserve multiple forms of mobile device communication. Mobile messages can be captured instantly at either the device or server level.

Archiving tor Bloomberg
Rather than "shoehorning" or converting Bloomberg data into email form (compromising the data's integrity and increasing compliance risk), Smarsh preserves message integrity and indexes using all of the unique metadata inherent in Bloomberg messaging.

Compliance Solutions

Virtual Compliance Officer

The Smarsh proprietary policy enforcement engine introduces unparalleled efficiency in message supervision. Save your compliance department time while increasing the effectiveness ot your monitoring procedures with automation. Systematically classify messages based on keyword violations, complaints, advertising, privileged communication and more, and significantly reduce "false-positive" search results.

Email Encryption/DLP
With the Smarsh policy-based encryption/DLP engine, automatically enforce the delivery of messages based on established criteria. Email traffic is routed through the proprietary policy engine, which scans and takes action on each message before delivery Administrators have options, including encrypting messages through a secure, web-based messaging platform or via Transport Layer Security (TLS), blocking messages altogether or sending messages to a pending queue tor approval.

Email Hosting & Collaboration
Smarsh offers POP3, IMAP and full Microsoft Exchange email hosting options for our customers and we provide access to the same specialized functionality - webmail, calendar, task functions, for instance - that your organization values.

Advisorsquare Websites
Advisorsquare websites include easy-to-use, feature-rich communication and collaboration tools to complement the many facets of financial services practices. Customers can select subject matter from a variety of personalized content pages, FINRA- reviewed financial articles, a comprehensive Investor Research Center, financial calculators and countless customization options.

Archiving & Compliance for Yammer
Many organizations would like to take advantage of the increased cross-department collaboration and employee engagement that Yammer
brings, but risk management considerations have loomed as too large of an adoption barrier.
Smarsh Archiving & Compliance tor Yammer enables organizations to capture, preserve, search, supervise and produce Yammer tiles and communications in support of e-discovery, compliance and recordkeeping initiatives. Now organizations can have compliance peace of mind while their employees use Yammer to collaborate, be more productive and update the people, projects and tiles that they're working with every day Within the VA)-based Smarsh Management Console, administrators can search, supervise and produce their organization's Yammer content alongside other message types, including email, instant messaging and social media. Organizations can also extend the power of the Smarsh proprietary classification and review engine, the Virtual Compliance Officer, to their Yammer archive. Whether it's streamlining and customizing review processes, focusing search results on the messages that matter most, or automating the classification of communication with custom tags, the VCO offers unmatched efficiency in message review

Yammer communications, including updates, comments, tiles, and private messages are captured. Comprehensive capture I Smarsh also captures associated metadata, providing greater context around message activity Support tor attachments and versioning I Smarsh archives Yammer attachments and tiles, including all versions.

Yammer communication is preserved on non-erasable, non-rewriteable media in its native, unaltered format to meet recordkeeping and compliance obligations. Global access I Messages and attachments are always readily accessible via the Web-based Smarsh Management Console. Redundant data centers I Messages are preserved in the redundant, geographically-dispersed Smarsh data centers and saved to WORM (write once, read many) optical storage. Retention policies I Messages are retained in accordance with client retention policies (and active legal holds).

Administrators can search across their Yammer archive based on virtually any criteria, either ad-hoc or on a consistent, systematic basis. Robust field search I Search across all Yammer communications and review entire threads of messages tor the context of posts, comments and tiles. Saved searches I Save search criteria and repeat searches tor convenience, consistency and evidence of policy enforcement. E-discovery searches I Run robust ad-hoc discovery searches tor one-time instances. Support for multiple lexicon lists I Clients can customize company-approved lexicons of keywords/phrases tor search and/or start with a default list provided by Smarsh.

Customize your organization's supervision experience tor optimal efficiency in message review and effectiveness in identifying and mitigating risk. Hierarchy structure I Permission-based review hierarchy can be contigured to model the review structure ot your organization. Administrators can assign message supervision roles/authorities to specific users and groups, and grant the appropriate level of access, functionality to them. Smarsh can grant temporary permissions or access to compliance consultants, outside legal counsel or other individuals. Run saved searches I Execute review procedures with regularly scheduled saved searches. Flexible search options IMatch search type (random percent, risk score, keywords or phrases) to risk profile. Contextual review I Track the entire thread of each message with comments from multiple individuals, giving a conversation context during review Full audit review I Every administrator session and action taken throughout the entire lifecycle of a message is documented within the Smarsh Management Console. Take action on messages I Reviewers have the ability to annotate, flag, open/close or escalate messages. All actions are logged and the subsequent metadata is indexed and searchable. Reporting Center I Produce analytics reports on Yammer usage, system audit history and message archive data. Demonstrate policy enforcement and ensure accountability among multiple managers responsible tor message review Reports can be customized.

Administrators can retrieve and produce as many messages as necessary, in original form, on demand. Apply policies and export only the necessary data in multiple formats securely and directly to outside counsel, regulatory examiners or third-party e-discovery systems during litigation or e-discovery events. Production options I Yammer data can be securely downloaded to a PC or encrypted and saved to a portable media device. This can be utilized tor real-time access to data during an investigation or examination, or to restore data tor disaster recovery purposes. Flexible e-discovery export I Export message data in popular e-discovery vendor "load tile" formats (and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) XML Interchange Format Schema) and transfer it directly to document review and processing systems. Monthly DVD service I As part of its service package, Smarsh delivers monthly copies of client data via encrypted DVD.

We Archive Everything
Archive and search all electronic message types, including email, instant messaging and social media, in one consolidated destination.

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