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SharePoint Deployment Planning Services

Let Atidan Deliver a Customized SharePoint 2010 Roadmap for your organization:

  • New Deployment Planning
  • Upgrade Planning
  • SharePoint for Internet Sites

What is 'SDPS' and Why Atidan?

SDPS Answers your questions about SharePoint 2010:

Atidan delivers expert advice and personalized service based on your unique needs and environment. We compliment your strategic business direction and ensure that you have the best deployment or upgrade plan possible.

Get more value from your Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) investment:

This benefit is available at five levels: 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15-day engagement plans that are best aligned for your organization's size. If you have SDPS vouchers, Microsoft will pay for your SDPS engagement with Atidan.

Receive SharePoint best practices and tools from Atidan and Microsoft:

Atidan leverages best practices for SharePoint deployment by analyzing the customer environment and providing tools and technologies that help customers manage SharePoint implementation and manage the migration of data.

  Customized roadmap to deployment:
The deployment plan provides a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure, and recommends a business plan, timelines, and resources for successful technology integration. A Proof of Concept (POC) offering is available for longer SDPS engagements.

Three SharePoint Deployment Offerings

1. SharePoint Deployment Planning
The SharePoint 2010 (or SharePoint 2007) Deployment Planning offer helps you to plan an effective deployment of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010/2007 for your organization. Through this offer you will receive a comprehensive introduction, understanding, and customized roadmap for leveraging the SharePoint platform to transform your content management, collaboration, and search strategy to better drive your business initiatives.

  What you get...
An integrated deployment plan that can help lower costs, optimize business productivity infrastructure and create a secure and well-managed collaborative infrastructure that supports several key capabilities of Office SharePoint Server 2010:
  • Sites
  • Communities
  • Content
  • Search
  • Insights
  • Composites

2. SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Planning
The SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Planning offer helps you to discover the value of upgrading and provides you with a customized migration plan for leveraging the business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the web. This offer is designed for customers who have already deployed SharePoint 2007.

  What you get...
  • A comprehensive introduction to SharePoint 2010
  • A thorough understanding of the upgrade process as it relates to your deployment
  • Awareness of the upgrade "costs" and benefits (immediate / future)
  • A customized migration plan for deployed workloads

3. SharePoint for Internet Sites Planning
The SharePoint Internet Sites Planning offer provides you with a unified solution for managing your Web Content lifecycle. SharePoint provides a single platform that brings end-to-end capabilities like structured publishing (WCM), social computing (blogs, wikis, discussions, ratings, tagging, comments), search, personalization, commerce, and advertising together to your intranet, extranet, and Internet sites to create a differentiated, engaging customer-experience that will drive loyalty and repeat traffic to your site.


What you get...

A customized plan for deploying a unified solution for managing your Web Content lifecycle. Leveraging SharePoint allows you to:

  • Establish an Enterprise Platform for your Web Content Management
  • Increase IT Manageability and Efficiency of your Web Solutions
  • Simplify your Content Publication Lifecycle
  • Integrate and Extend your WCM Solutions

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