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The richest video experience across all platforms via an HTML5-based, metadata-powered video player framework

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Video Content Platform
RAMP for SharePoint
Enterprise Mdeo Search

While creating high-quality videos has become cheaper and easier, many enterprises still struggle with the basics of providing enterprise video to their employees and customers. These basics include handling the demanding storage requirements of video, coping with distribution and streaming to remote offices with limited bandwidth, and supporting video encoding for multiple devices and end-points.

Metadata is crucial to making content accessible and discoverable through search, but video content, unlike documents, is notoriously thin when it comes to usable metadata. As a result, it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to tind using conventional text-based search tools. It it cant be tound, its value goes unrealized.

Many enterprises treat video as a distinct intormation type and manage it separately from traditional text-based assets (documents, web pages, presentations, etc_). Also, established content management tools that work well for managing text assets are incomplete or ineffective when it comes to videos. The result is that video otten goes un-managed, unused, and under-valued.

RAMP for SharePoint Online

Bringing Video to the Enterprise Cloud

RAMP for SharePoint Online is a complete video content solution for Microsott SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013. This cloud- based platform is built for storing, enriching, distributing, and streaming enterprise video. RAMP's patented technology automatically generates valuable time-coded metadata that allows you to easily search inside a video__ This results in videos that are more likely to be discovered, organized, and shared. RAMP leverages the powerful, native capabilities of SharePoint, which takes your video from a zero to a "tirst-class citizen" in your enterprise.

The RAMP SharePoint video library lives natively inside of SharePoint_ This means that all security and permissions rules apply for both authentication and authorization. RAMP for SharePoint Online honors the permissions defined in SharePoint for any activity relating to the videos in the system, from viewing to uploading to sharing and more.

RAMP for SharePoint Online embraces Microsott's new emphasis on 'Apps' as part of the SharePoint ecosystem. The installation and contiguration takes a matter of minutes, making the teatures immediately available to you to unlock the value in video content natively within your SharePoint 2013 environment.

Built on RAMP's award-winning MediaCloud platform, RAMP for SharePoint Online delivers a single integrated system for enterprise video within SharePoint_ RAMP's patented technology automatically generates text transcripts and time-coded metadata from videos. This metadata is then used to enable search across video assets — increasing the likelihood that it will be tound — and to power unique, interactive video player experiences that dramatically increase viewer engagement.

RAMP for ShareP0int 2010

Integrated System for All of Your Enterprise Video Needs
Tight integration of RAMP MediaCloud's video management services with Microsott SharePoint means that tamiliar tools are available to simplify video asset management and to make video natively accessible to all intormation workers and all SharePoint workloads include Search, Content Management, Social, Analytics, and Workflow.

RAMP provides custom VA) Parts for creating engaging end media player experiences and enhances the out-of-the-box SharePoint search to make audio and video content more natively searchable and discoverable.

Built on RAMP's award-winning MediaCloud platform, RAMP for SharePoint delivers a single integrated system for storing, enriching, distributing, and streaming on-demand enterprise video within SharePoint. Included is RAMP's patented technology to automatically generate text transcripts and metadata from video. The metadata produced by MediaCloud is used to enable search across othenwise inaccessible spoken word — increasing the likelihood that video assets will be tound — and to power unique, interactive video player experiences that dramatically increase viewer engagement.

RAMP for SharePoint provides an Analytics report so you can assess overall video usage across the tirm. The report includes both daily and monthly intormation about the number of videos streamed and aggregated bandwidth of those streams. Mew recent storage information and a breakdown of recent videos uploaded for processing.

RAMP for SharePoint comprises a set of lightweight custom components installed with SharePoint to interface with the MediaCloud services and enable seamless video content management, advanced video search, and interactive video player experiences. These installed components include:

Timer jobs for managing the content interface with MediaCloud Content type for representing MediaCloud assets List template for managing MediaCloud assets Mdeo player Web Part and supporting contiguration changes for streaming MediaCloud managed assets Custom search results view for presenting video transcript search hits

Large video tiles? Not a problem. RAMP for SharePoint can handle tiles of any size. Large tiles can be streamed just as easily as smaller ones. This solves the problem of not only storage but also playback.

RAMP for SharePoint generates rich video metadata to power deep video indexing and search with SharePoint's native search teatures_ Features of SharePoint search of MediaCloud videos include:

Transcript search and hit-highlighting to provide context
Dynamic thumbnail images
Jump-to relevant parts of video.

RAMP for SharePoint 2010 leverages the built-in security of SharePoint and limits access to the video object in SharePoint. The standard SharePoint access controls apply to any object uploaded into a MediaCloud SharePoint library

RAMP for SharePoint seamlessly integrates the MetaPlayer Framework. IJsers can now have a lean-tonward video experience right inside the tamiliar SharePoint environment. The Player teatures include:

In-video keyword search
Time-coded contextual keyword highlighting
Contextual content spotlighting
Social sharing

The complete solution for delivering a "universal" site search and topic experience for all of your users. Search is the most powerful lever to pull for increasing end user engagement, and RAMP's Search, Topic, and Related Content solution ensures all of your content is easily tound on your site. Automatically generate metadata using RAMP MediaCloud across audio, video, text, and image content. Our solution includes a unique "jump-to" navigation for video search and can be deployed via hosted HTML, RESTtul APIs, or popular CMS plugins.

Drive more end-user discovery, engagement, and revenue with RAMP's Video Content Management solution. Our end-to-end Video Content Management solution integrates all of RAMP's unique technology including:

MediaCloud, the web's tirst cloud base solution for automatically generating rich time-coded metadata
MetaQ, the complete solution for contextual video publishing and video search
MetaPlayer, the web's tirst "lean-tonward" video player

Incorporating tags, transcripts and captions into your video experiences increases user engagement by as much as 300%. Based on RAMP's award-winning MediaCloud platform, all of your videos are automatically transcribed and tagged, our Web Closed Caption solution ensures tull compliance with the new Communications and Mdeo Accessibility Act across live, clips and long torm content.

TV Everywhere and the Second Screen are the tastest-growing video experiences in the market. RAMP's platform is uniquely suited for helping you delivering synchronized television experiences, complete with related content and advertising. Combining the best of automation with our core technology, and curation with our powerful tools, RAMP's Mobile & Second Screen Solution enables you to deliver a compelling user experience while delivering the ROI for broadcasters and distributors.

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