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Office 365 Proof of Concept (POC)

Let Atidan Prepare you for Office 365 cloud services through a Proof of Concept engagement.

What is Office 365 poc and Why Atidan?

Office 365 Proot of Concept determines you organization readiness for migration to cloud services.
Atidan delivers expert advice and personalized service based on your unique needs and environment. We compliment your strategic business direction and ensure that you have the best deployment or migration plan possible.

Get more value from your Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) investment:

This benefit is available as a 3-day engagement. It you have Software Assurance (SA) Planning Days, Microsoft will pay for your Office.
365 POC engagement with Atidan. Alternatively, Microsoft's Jumpstart Program may be used to tund the POC (Microsoft determines the jumpstart funds)

Receive Cloud best practices and tools from Atidan and Microsoft:

Atidan leverages best practices for Office 365 by analyzing the customer environment and providing tools and technologies that help customers manage Cloud services implementation.

Office 365 poc offering

Through this offer you will understand Office 365 capabilities and receive a comprehensive assessment of the scope and complexity of your organization readiness to migrate to Office 365.

What you get...

A hands-on experience of 365 in a lab environment through a structured methodology based on a proven Office 365 engagement model. Integrated understanding of Office 365 capabilities and your organization readiness for migration.

Office 365 Technical briefing
Solution Alignment Workshop (SAW) and Report
Migration Due Diligence (MDD) Workshop and Report
Your Solution Alignment Index (SAI) and Migration Readiness Index (MRI)
Summary in the Overall Office Alignment Index (OAI) and Report
120-day Extended Office 365 Trial with 25 licenses

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