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Technology Partners

Partners are an integral part of Atidan’s strategy to deliver value to our customers on a global basis. Atidan works closely with all of our partners to offer the best
technology solutions for your business in order to generate long-term value and benefits.

Microsoft Financing

Stay competitive and hold on to your capital

Running your business at peak productivity has a lot to do with keeping your software, hardware, and services current. Microsoft Financing provides one simple source tor meeting your IT needs-without straining your credit lines or requiring a big cash investment.

What you need, when you need it

IT budgets don't always keep pace with IT requirements. Microsoft Financing helps you acquire all the software, hardware, and services you need within the budget you have.

Predictable payments that don't strain your budget

Financing your IT solutions through Microsoft Financing means predictable payments spread over the life of your IT investment.

Keep your business agile

With Microsoft Financing, you can add or upgrade technology and services during your contract. It's easy to keep your IT strategy in sync with evolving business needs.

Why Microsoft Financing?

The following diagram shows the advantages of financing over a traditional cash transaction:

Benefits at a Glance

  • Meet all needs within budget
  • Plan long-term IT investments
  • Conserve capital
  • Keep corporate credit intact
  • Own the hardware outright
  • Predictable payments over time

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