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Remove Limits on Your Business

Visibility Into the Performance of your Office 365

You're still on the hook to keep email online

Moving your email, communication, and collaboration to Office 365? Smart. Running these applications in the cloud provides you with unlimited scalability and agility without the costs and burden ot managing your own intrastructure_ aut just because you no longer own the servers doesnt mean you're not on the hook to ensure your users have continuous access to their email and collaboration tools.

Are you flying blind?

For many organizations, these are truly mission critical apps. It they're offline, so are your users. When that happens, will they call Microsott? No. They'll call you. It the only tools you have are the Office 365 Dashboard and Twitter you may tind yourself in the dark. That's because these tools only give you intormation about the Microsott online services themselves. They tell you nothing about the health ot the service delivery networks and servers connecting your users to Microsott's cloud.

Find and fix problems fast with CloudReady Monitor

Exoprise CloudReady Monitor tor Office 365 is a cloud-based, end-to-end performance monitoring solution specifically designed to address the needs or organizations using mission critical SaaS applications like Office 365. Far more advanced than simple up-time monitors, CloudReady Monitor uses synthetic transactions to simulate the actions that real users execute against Office 365 and ADFS, giving you the visibility needed to minimize the time it takes to detect, isolate, and tix problems impacting the performance ot your Ottice 365 service, regardless where they happen.

Active Point of Access Monitoring detects problems before they impact users

See end-to-end transaction times trom the users' points ot access to the cloud and back Analyze real-time & historical performance data tor logon, MTA, & SAML transactions, as well as ADFS & netvwork statistics Pinpoint problem nodes outside your nenwork with detailed path performance Get proactive notifications via customizable email & SMS alerts.

Crowd Data Analytics isolates problems and speeds time to resolution

Compare performance data trom your sensors with aggregated global customer data Quickly determine problem locations: or location specific, your ISP, or Microsott online services Run reports to document outages and service level attainment.

CloudReady Monitor

Monitor SaaS Application Performance and Reliability

Moving to the cloud shouldn't require a loss ot visibility into application performance, up-time and user satisfaction, but it does require a new approach to monitoring critical performance metrics. CloudReady Monitor tracks the speed and reliability ot cloud services to ensure that end-users receive a quality experience and that IT administrators have the insights required to be proactive should issues arise. Unlike simple tools that ping cloud services, CloudReady Monitor is a robust synthetic transaction solution that measures the end-to-end performance ot cloud- based solutions, including the all important "last mile".

Distributed Sensors for Enterprise-Wide Monitoring

CloudReady Monitor is a cloud-based, distributed sensor network that proactively monitors Software-as-a-Service applications such as Microsott Office 365. CloudReady Monitor synthetically monitors these offerings trom corporate headquarters and satellite ottices to give support personnel and IT administrators deep insight into the network performance and reliability ot these mission-critical web applications. Features ot CloudReady Monitor include:

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

CloudReady Monitor measures the actual transactions that your users perform to accurately gauge the complete user experience - end to end. From logging in to sending email, creating documents, or sending an invitation, it users need it — CloudReady Monitor can track it.

Proactive Notifications

CloudReady Monitor's alerts notify administrators so that they can be proactive and stay ahead ot problems. Don't be caught off-guard just because your solutions are now in the cloud.

Last Mile Network Monitoring

Know exactly how well your offices are connected to cloud services. CloudReady Monitor measures network performance to ensure that each ot your company's branch ottices is getting the best connection to your cloud services. You'll never again have to guess at why a service is "slow".

Migration & Roll-Out Monitoring

Testing or rolling out a new service? CloudReady Monitor can monitor both on-premise and cloud services so that you can ensure that your users are getting the best experience.

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