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Business Analytics

Turning Data into Decisions

Map Your Data and Reveal More

Create color-coded, clustered point, and heat maps to visualize key business measures such as sales and customers are configurable symbols to differentiate single points or groups.




Get Additional Insights

Enrich your map with Esri demographic and lifestyle data to get a deeper understanding of an area and its population. Add infographic pop-ups to communicate key data points in an easy-to-understand and highly visual way You can also add external business data through Business Connectivity Services (BCS).

Download Esri Maps tor SharePoint_ You'll need an ArcGlS Online paid or trial subscription.


Broaden Your Analysis

Analyze specific points or groups of points in the context of standard regions, including state, county, or Zip-level, or custom regions. Drill down from higher to lower level regions on your map, for example to compare sales by state versus metropolitan area.





Share and Collaborate

Share your maps through ArcGlS Online so decision makers and others in your organization can access them on any device or via a browser. You maintain tight control and can determine who can access and edit your maps. Esri Maps tor SharePoint is available in 22 languages.


Ready to Use

Catalog, map, and analyze your organization's geographic information with intuitive tools. Create and publish maps and apps on demand with little to install or setup. You stay in control of where your data is shared and empower everyone with easy-to-use web maps that turn data into information. Watch a short video (02:07).





Reach Your Users

With a rich set of apps available for any device, your whole organization can access maps and data anywhere, anytime. Embed your maps and data into blogs, web pages, and web applications or share via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

Perform Spatial Analysis

use powerful spatial analysis to explore, understand, and measure geographic relationships in your data. Find hot spots and analyze patterns around locations to uncover statistically significant clusters. Create buffers and drive times and dissolve boundaries—all with ready-to-use analysis operations that work with your maps and apps.





Ready-to-Use Maps

ArcGlS includes a living atlas ot the world with beautiful and authoritative maps on hundreds of topics. Explore maps from Esri and thousands of organizations, and enrich them with your own data to create new maps and map layers.

Start making and sharing maps today. Sign up for the free trial.


Ready-to-use Apps

With the apps included with ArcGlS you can be productive on day one. Create a common operating picture to monitor events and activities using the Operations Dashboard tor ArcGlS_ Collect information in the field and integrate the results with your GIS using Collector tor ArcGlS. Make dynamic maps directly in Excel with Esri Maps tor Office or add mapping capabilities to your SharePoint site with Esri Maps tor SharePoint.





ArcGIS Marketplace

ArcGlS Marketplace is a one-stop destination tor apps and data services provided by authorized Esri partners, distributors, and Esri_ Discover and access useful apps and data tor your entire organization. Once you get an app or data, you can easily share it with others in your organization.


Integrate with Your Business Systems

With Esri's powerful Location Analytics apps you can add the power of mapping to your al, CRM, EAM, and ERP systems. There are no new applications to learn and no programming needed. You can map your data and analyze it directly within your existing business systems. And you don't need to be an expert — everyone in your organization can benetit the ArcGlS integrates with systems such as IBM Cognos, Microsott's Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, and Microstrategy.


Integration of data from other sources

CardioLog offers web analytics for non SharePoint web sites and external applications. Reporting for these sites relies on a predefined sitemap which is built per the logical structure of the site.





Easily Add Data

Turn your data into useful information by creating content-rich, intelligent maps that tell your story. Add your data, or create mashups with maps and data shared by others. Add pop-up windows to your map to highlight information and to include charts, videos, photos, and links to web pages


Collaboration Made Easy

ArcGlS Online gives you an easy-to-use and intuitive workspace tor collaborating with others in your organization. Create groups and invite others to work together on projects and to share maps, data, and other content. Create public groups to share information outside your organization, or create private groups tor limited viewing.



Start making and sharing maps today. Sign up for the free trial.



Your Data in the Cloud

Turn your data into web services your whole organization can use. Publish your data as feature or tiled map services in the secure Esri cloud while maintaining all ownership and rights. You can keep your data private within your organization or share it publicly tor others to use.


Security and Data Ownership

Control who can access your data and maps (PDF). Purposeful sharing options and multiple layers ot security protect your information from unauthorized access. VIE constantly monitor and improve our applications, systems, and processes to meet the ever-changing challenges of security





The Location Platform for Apps

With ArcGlS APIs and SDKs developers can build web and mobile applications that meet specific workflows and provide rich geographic content interaction on any device.


Start making and sharing maps today. Sign up for the free trial.


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