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Enterprise Portals

Building the Productive Information Workplace


The widespread use of the Internet has changed the tace of our world torever_ It has allowed consumers in Delhi to shop in New York without ever setting toot out of their home. aut as a business, the Internet holds endless possibilities for improving your employees productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately your bottom line. Imagine, for example, being able to have secure and reliable access to project plans, CAD drawings, legal documents, or anything else you might wants for as many people as necessary, any time, and trom anywhere in the world.

Atidan can quickly build and deploy a portal solution tailored to your business that increases overall employee productivity, increases customer satisfaction, and provide lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Deliver insight & information throughout your organization

Deliver personalized and targeted content

Role-based, targeted content
My Sites for personal portals
Search unstructured intormation, people, LOB data

Unlock organizational data no matter where it resides

Extensible platform for application building, SOA and integration
Business Data Catalog to tacilitate interoperability
SharePoint Designer for creating "no-code," data-driven applications

Single sign on to leverage multiple apps/systems

Enable flexible and secure workflow
Rights management for secure sharing
Secure workflow participation with partners, customers and suppliers
Platform and tools to create composite applications
Common cross-application workflow toundation

View more information on our Microsoft office SharePoint Server, Intormation & Knowledge Management and Business & Process Workflow enterprise portals.

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