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From Big Data to Analytics

Hybrid IT

Microsoft offers a complete data platform solution for your Hybrid IT environment from on-premises to cloud with SQL Server 2012 and Windows Azure Database service.

Learn how SQL Server 2012 addresses your Hybrid IT environment which includes traditional applications, private cloud, and public cloud


Create and Scale Business Solutions Fast, On Your Terms Across Server, Private or Public Cloud

Scale on demand from devices, to datacenter to cloud.
Fast time to solution with appliances and cloud offerings.
Optimized productivity with SQL Server Data Tools - write once, run anywhere.
Extend any data, anywhere with DataSync and Odata


Learn how to optimize SQL Server 2012 for your Private Cloud environment.


Implement a Private Cloud

Pool and consolidate databases.
Scale netvwork and storage resources to meet demands.
Add the ability to deploy resources on demand quickly
Optimize usage by aligning IT to business priorities.


Learn how to optimize SQL Server 2012 in the public cloud with the new Windows Azure virtual machine and also learn about the Windows Azure SQL database service that provides a fully managed data platform and infrastructure solution for your organization.


Build and Deploy Applications Quickly

Rapidly build departmental business solutions.
Extend data to the cloud to enable collaboration.
Build son,ware-as-a-service applications.
Create custom scalable web applications.


SQL Server is an enterprise-class solution that enables interoperability and help developers build secure, highly available and high performance applications in .NET, C/C++, Java and PHP, on-premises and in the cloud.


Build Data-Driven Applications

Develop applications for major plattorms
Deploy middle-tier apps that deliver rich connectivity
Simplify database apps across on-site and in the cloud.
Simplify complex programming tasks.


SQL Server delivers expansive tools and capabilities enabling developers to build next-generation web, enterprise, and data- aware mobile applications on-site and in the public cloud.


Build Next-Generation Applications

Enable an integrated development experience.
Simplify management of database applications.
Simplify complex programming tasks.
Enable new content search possibilities quickly


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