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From Big Data to Analytics

Data Warehousing

Microsoft, the leader in Data Warehousing (by number of customers) offers a family of solutions to manage your decision support data of all requirements, at any scale, with breakthrough performance and at a cost that is right for you.

Whether your requirements include a traditional relational database management system or integration with non-relational sources like Hadoop or whether you need to gather insights from within familiar tools, Microsoft has a complete solution for you. Microsoft has been recognized by industry analysts like Gartner as being a leader for both Business Intelligence and in Data warehousing.

Data Warehousing solutions from Microsoft can handle your smallest to your largest data storage requirements while handling queries up to IOOx faster than performance than your legacy data platform through massively parallel processing and in-memory technologies.

Ideal for small to medium data warehouses, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is a software solution allowing you to deploy on your own hardware configuration deployed by more customers than any other data warehouse technologies, customers trust Microsoft to run their most important workloads. SQL Server 2012 supports all data warehouse lite cycle phases from cleansing and loading to analysis and reporting.


Custom Tune Your Own Configuration

Deploy SQL Server 2012 are on your own hardware configurations.
Lowest cost option with nothing further to purchase.
Good for departmental solutions up to large deployments.
Unlock the widest pool of third party expertise and partners with SQL Server training.

Optimal for small to medium-sized data warehouses, SQL Server 2012 Fast Track is a reference architecture (RA) solution that gives you a step-by-step guide to build a data warehouse on hardware that has been pre-configured to support your data requirements. Due to the certification process, customers will receive a scale-up data warehouse tuned for optimal performance at a low entry cost.


Eliminate deep expertise needed to optimally tune software and hardware

Utilize pre-tested best practices to build hardware.
dated on industry standard hardware: HR, Dell, EMC, Cisco, IBM, XIO, Bull, Molin, Nimbus, Huawei and HDS
Options include all-flash memory arrays for optimal performance.

First in class for medium to the largest data warehouses, Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data (SQL Server POW) is a massively parallel processing appliance that has evolved to handle the world of "Big Data" addressing both requirements of any data volume (from the smallest to the largest) as well as variety and velocity by providing seamless integration with Hadoop_ Simple to deploy, SQL Server POW is delivered as a pre-built, pre-optimized, and pre-installed system from HP and Dell.

Microsoft also offers the Dell Quick start appliances for small to medium size businesses that require data warehouses with smaller workloads.

up to 100 times taster than legacy warehouses.
up to 15x data compression.
Lowest price, ‘terabyte in market (2_5x lower than SQL 2008 R2 PDW)
Polybasic for relational and non-relational data.
Offerings from HP and Dell.


Optimal for small to medium-sized data warehouses, Microsoft offers a tuned version of SQL Server Enterprise for data warehousing deployed to the cloud with Windows Azure Machines. Users can provision a data warehousing image from Azure in minutes without any knowledge of Azure storage configurations nor needing expertise on how to optimize SQL Server for data warehousing.


The Simplest Way to Deploy SQL Server for Data Warehousing

Deploy SQL Server tuned for data warehousing.
Be up and running within minutes.
No hardware to purchase or upkeep.
Good for departmental solutions.


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