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CardioLog - Usage Reports for SharePoint

Atidan is pleased to support CardioLog from Intlock - the best SharePoint reporting solution!

CardioLog Analytics is the only web analytics solution designed for

SharePoint (versions 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003) and SharePoint Online. It enables you to improve the usability of your intranet, drive portal collaboration, boost your ROI and enhance the overall productivity of your business.


Top Features

Built for SharePoint
Get the solution that's designed for your site
CardioLog Analytics is designed specifically for use with Microsoft SharePoint sites - including intranet portals, extranet and websites.
This means it can provide accurate and insightful information about your SharePoint usage, based on the structure and content of your site.


On-premises and on-demand solution

Enjoy complete control of your data
CardioLog Analytics offers you complete, hands-on control over all aspects of your site. When you use our analytics tools as an on - premises solution, all data is stored within the confines of your organization, thereby ensuring data privacy and giving you complete ownership of all the analytics information collected. CardioLog Analytics can also function as an on-demand solution, taking advantage of cloud-based resources.


Custom dashboards

Personalize your control panel
Our user-friendly dashboards display summaries of your reports in the form of widgets on a single page, allowing you to track various metrics at once and giving you a true picture of what's happening in your organization. You can create several dashboards, customizing them according to the different needs of your various employees and partners, and filtering them to show the most relevant data.


Content drilldown

Get down to the nitty-gritty
Drill deep into a specific section or sub-section of your site, even down to the level of single pages and documents, for a richly detailed analysis. Our easy-to-use tools allow you to see, at a glance, which content is performing well, and what might be letting you down.

JavaScript tracking tool

Automatically deliver customized content
CardioLog Analytics' JavaScript-based page tracking provides the ability to track a person's activity on your site. It also enables you to display, in real time, a whole range of personalized content designed to engage that user's interest. We also offer an additional tracking mechanism that monitors activity like document views, and updates and deletions of content on your site.

Integration with Active Directory and SharePoint user profiles

Easily create visitor segments based on organizational data
CardioLog Analytics automatically imports information on the employees and partners who use your intranet portal, thanks to its seamless integration with the data stored in Active Directory and SharePoint user profiles. This enables you to easily filter and control the scope of your reports, and to create visitor segments that can be used to deliver personalized content.

Real-time reporting

Know what's happening on your site - now
Get real-time reports on activity on your site even within the past hour, thanks to CardioLog Analytics' advanced data-processing engine. Combined with reports on banner clicks and email referrals, CardioLog is a perfect platform for monitoring how your campaigns are faring.

Enterprise-level reporting

Synthesize complex data from different sources
Get aggregate data from all of your SharePoint sites and farms. CardioLog Analytics centralizes this wide-scale reporting within a single interface, making a whole range of detailed information easily accessible.

Easy deployment

Benefit from fast-thinking technology
With the CardioLog Analytics configuration wizard, the deployment of page tagging and the reporting engine is quick and easy CardioLog enables the JavaScript tracking code to be installed on all of your farm pages - a solution that includes a farm-scoped SharePoint feature, which can be easily activated or deactivated according to your needs.

Report display within SharePoint

See reports within your own SharePoint site
Displaying CardioLog Analytics reports within your own sub-site means you can make recommendations to your users in real time, based on data such as the most popular documents. There are three different ways to display CardioLog reports on your site, ranging from a simple web part solution requiring no programming effort, through to a sophisticated developer API.

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