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Project & Program Management

Immediate Visibility and Control


Atidan is pleased to partner with arightVVork, the tirst collaborative Project and Portfolio Management solution built on Microsott SharePoint_ arightVVork enables any organization to instantly deploy an affordable amount ot project, portfolio and everyday work management, delivering immediate visibility and control.
Contact us at for a personalized demonstration, free trial and for our special Project Office Jumpstart offer!

Have your SharePoint Project Ofice up and running in as little as three to four weeks!

The Project Office JumpStart uses best practices and a proven deployment approach to rapidly implement a fully working Project Office using Microsoft SharePoint, BrightWork and Atidan integration expertise. The JumpStart bundle includes: (i) software; (ii) mentoring / training; (iii) support for one year. The JumpStart is available in both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2013 is coming very soon!


50 perpetual end-user licenses of BrightWork with all BrightWork templates included

Deployment Services

Project scoping, planning and setup, and needs definition
Installation and configuration of the BrightWork solution
Design of the local Project Office hierarchy
Configuration of at least 2 templates to manage 2 different project types
Configuration of 1 Project Office/ rollup template for program level reporting across projects
Introductory training for support staff and end users

Suppoft and Upgrades for 1 Year

Support & New Releases: access to all core product and template upgrades and releases including new platform upgrades.
Training Environment: access to the Customer Training Environment and associated training materials with the rights to customize as needed.
Health Check Atidan will conduct an annual Health Check to include advice and recommendations. Pricing
Special offer through December 31, 2013: $20K


BrightVVork sites are created using templates. BrightWork is supplied with number ot templates ot varying complexity, tor managing work, single and multiple projects and managing project demand. You select the template you need based on the degree ot project management process and structure that you require. Unlike with the SharePoint Site Gallery, you can examine and contigure a template betore you decide to use it. You can also create your own templates from project sites or other templates, allowing you to reuse a successful project site so that both you and your fellow BrightVVork users will be familiar with it and harness lessons learnt trom previous projects .

The current release ot BrightVVork includes:

Project Management templates
Portfolio Management Templates
Demand Management templates
Work Management templates
The BrightVVork templates are not just for project managers. arightWork templates support the tour main project roles typically involved in project management: (i) Team Members, (it) Project Managers, (iii) Program Managers / Senior Managers and (iv) Project Office teams.

Project Management Capabilities

There are a number ot very well defined industry project management approaches such as the PMI@, PRINCE2@, MSF (Microsott Solutions Framework), SCRIJM, SEI-CMMI@, etc. These models all define the process ot project management in similar and at the same time different ways, however they all bring something valuable to the table.
Rather than map BrightVVork to every model this page seeks to describe a common set ot project management processes that are covered to varying degrees in most ot the formal models and then to map BrightVVork to these common processes.
Many of the common project management models break the project management discipline into key areas. Presented here are a set ot common project management key areas and the related support they receive from BrightVVork on the SharePoint plattorm.

Project Management

BrightVVork comes with a variety ot single project management templates covering projects ot ditterent types. These templates can optionally have a Microsott Project style project management schedule with task dependencies and an optional import / export with Microsott Project All arightVVork project management templates come with many project reports (including Gantt reports, My Work reports, Work reports, Resource Usage Tracking reports, Issue reports and all with Charts and graphs). Importantly all ot the reports can be distributed in a number ot very flexible ways trom the web-part user interface (e_g_ printed, emailed and exported to Excel or XML or SQL Server).

Program Management

BrightVVork comes out ot the box with templates that give organizations a very tast starting point tor managing across many projects As all BrightVVork templates are delivered on SharePoint, they are extremely customizable using the normal features inherent in the SharePoint platform tor customizing sites, lists, web-parts, etc.

Process Management

Organizations are typically so challenged when it comes to managing the actual projects, that managing the process that is used tor project management becomes too much to get to in many cases. BrightVVork allows organizations to bake the local processes into usable project management templates thus reducing the need tor extensive process documentation, as the process ot how to manage the project is largely contained in the template that the project teams use. Next challenge is tigure how to capture the actual project management process improvements that are used on real projects BrightVVork comes with a Templates area and with functionality that allows tor the easy capture and subsequent reuse ot best practices. BrightVVork also has hooks from the actual project sites to allow teams to point from the project site to process documentation as needed.

Product Management

Each of the lists in the BrightVVork templates is composed ot Special Columns (e.g. Visual Indicators, Unique Id's, etc.) and BrightVVork comes with enhanced SharePoint lists for the major work products of project management (e.g. Risks, Issues, Teams, Roles, Project Statement, Change Requests, augs, Iterations, Phases, Milestones, Goals, Commitments, Deliverables, Requirements, Project Post Mortem, etc.) BrightVVork will also work with custom lists your organizations defines for work products that are particular to your own organization.

Portfolio and Priority Management

Organizations have competing demands tor limited resources. Customers (whether internal or external) ask tor new projects, extra deliverables on existing projects, support requests, minor enhancements, issues to be sorted, etc. BrightVVork has lists, reports and templates to facilitate the management ot the different types ot change requests, including templates to manage the pipeline ot new work and project requests.

People Management (incl. Resource Management)

There is a huge variety in the work assigned to people right across any organization.
There is also a multitude ot sources trom which the work can be assigned. This is not ideal as it is harder to manage but it is the reality ot managing work and projects in today's dynamic organizations.
BrightVVork eases the pain by making it easy to assign work or project assignments to individuals.
BrightVVork also notifies or reminds people ot the upcoming or overdue work on their plates.
BrightVVork also delivers reports ot who is assigned what work and also can indicate who is over loaded / under loaded.

Partner Management (incl. vendors and suppliers)

Many BrightVVork customers use the project management templates to manage projects with external stakeholders like partners and vendors and customers.
Since BrightVVork sits on SharePoint it is fully web accessible. BrightWork also has the unique capability to email project update reports from SharePoint to the various stakeholders.
Some BrightVVork customers have added their external partners to their own sites while others have elected to use BrightWork Online, the hosted version of brightWork.

Price, Cost and Budget Management

Most ot the BrightVVork lists and reports are setup to optionally support the tracking ot planned and actual cost information.
Thus teams can elect to track or not track cost in BrightVVork. Indeed some teams and templates may track cost and some may elect not to it this is the right decision tor the organization.
The BrightVVork reports have the unique facility added to SharePoint where they can total and display costs information from multiple lists in many different projects
BrightVVork also has the ability to chart and graph this cost information as needed.
Again BrightVVork can be used to manage projects with or without cost intormation.

Unique Capabilities

BrightVVork includes many unique capabilities and teatures that truly take SharePoint to the next level for successful project management.


The BrightVVork templates approach means that you get to decide how much project management to apply in each situation. We think templates are so important that we gave them a section all ot their own.


Work and Project Management is all about knowing what is going on. Is my project late? What work do I have to do today? One ot the advantages ot the SharePoint platform is that it so easily stores intormation in lists and libraries. However it is very difficult to get the intormation back trom the same lists and libraries with the native SharePoint capabilities.
BrightVVork includes many ditterent report types (Gantt Charts; Project Status; Resource Tracking: Work Tracking; Issue Tracking, Charts and Graphs).
Reports can be Printed, emailed and exported to a variety ot sources: Microsott Excel (including to a web query); XML; and Microsott SQL Server Reporting Services.
All reports are highly contigurable through the arightVVork web part's and can be further reused, edited and extended via the BrightVVork Reporter Library and Report Editor.

Smart Project Management

BrightVVork also includes a number ot SharePoint enhanced teatures tor Smarter Project Management. See below tor selection ot highlights.

Project Metrics & KPls

Project metrics are important because they give you and the other project stakeholders an easy, objective and scientific way of measuring the progress ot the project, and also the grounds with which to make important decisions as to the direction and scope ot the project. The arightVVork Project Metrics list enables you to track and capture metrics (e.g. number ot red issues; Project Health; number ot overdue items) relating to the project and teed this information to reports_ charts and KPI web parts. The Metrics list also enables you to define Target, Warning and Danger ranges tor the metric and to associate trattic light indicators (KPls) with these ranges when the metric is compared to a fixed target value or to a value in another metric.

Status Reports

BrightVVork of course includes live up to the minute status reports, but what it you wanted to review the project status trom a week ago or a month ago? BrightVVork includes a workflow that enables you to capture a snapshot ot the current project status. This enables you to maintain a historical record ot the progress ot the project

Enhanced Project Plan Syncing

The Microsott Project Professional 2010 to SharePoint 2010 sync feature brings some much needed project collaboration to Microsott Project; however, this does not mean that the teature cannot be improved tor more streamlined project management. With the BrightVVork Project Structured template, the relationship between the project site and the Microsott Project plan is established automatically Additional column mapping is provided tor reporting on extra Microsott Project data such as costs, baselines and durations.

Smart Site Copy

BrightVVork includes a proprietary site copy teature that does not rely on the Solution Gallery and gives tar greater granularity than is offered by vanilla SharePoint. Advantages to the BrightWork Copy Site teature include: All Solution Gallery Issues are addressed and remedied
Assignee and Owner values are preserved
Ability to specify which list and library content (i.e. list items and documents) is copied
Views in sites that use the List View Web Part (LVWP) - likely it the source was originally upgraded trom SharePoint 2007 - will be created using the new XSLT List View Web Part (XLV).

Enhanced Lists

BrightVVork includes a number ot additional list types such as Project Risks, Project Goals, Project Statement that are designed with specific project management functions in mind. All BrightVVork lists included tailored alerts; assignee email notification and reference numbering.

Hierarchy Support

Out ot the box SharePoint tends to treat every site like an island. arightVVork believes that this is not appropriate tor organizations with more than one current project' arightVVork supports and enhances the SharePoint as a hierarchy concept, tor example, every department (e.g. marketing, engineering) may have their own subset ot projects. They will need a location where they can see rollup intormation pertaining to these projects in a single location. All arightVVork reports can report on sites located below them in the hierarchy The hierarchy web part provides access to the hierarchy. Example Templates

The Issue Manager template is designed tor projects where you merely want to "manage by exception" by only tracking project status and issues related to the project in hand and do not wish to tormally track other details that maybe needed tor the project (e.g. actions, tasks, deliverables, risks, etc). It is not to say that these other items are not managed on some ot the projects, but it is to say that they are not tracked tormally enough to be reported in a consistent manner.

The Scrum Agile template is based on the Scrum Alliance Scrum Guide. Scrum is an iterative approach to product development which encourages the breakdown ot projects' into finite periods called Sprints ot the same length (normally 20-30 days but it can vary) with a defined deliverable due at the end ot the Sprint. This template utilizes unique teatures in arightVVork to help provide a Scrum environment that includes Sprints, Stories, Tasks, Backlogs, aurndown charts, and all the Scrum teatures necessary to run a Scrum project.

The Projects Tracker templates are tor projects that require less management, tor organizations that want to just focus on the high level information ot each project, such as dates, key indicators, costs, etc. Unlike with the other BrightVVork Program Management templates, the Projects Tracker templates do not aggregate data trom selected or subordinate projects - project data tor many projects is maintained in one site.

The Project Forecast Manager template delivers all the advanced functionality ot the Project Request Manager template plus resource usage planning tor those that need it The template includes a 'Resource Planning' section tor capturing Resource Estimates (tor projects in the request pipeline) and Resource Pool details. Additional reports are also included to help determine the impact and viability ot these projects, with respect to the resources required to complete them and the resources available to do the work.
The Work Manager template is especially useful tor organizations where 'work' can be requested trom a number ot ditterent sources, whether inside or outside the organization.

It can be very useful to have a central repository where 'work requests' can be captured, tiltered and then dispatched to the appropriate place tor action. For example an original work request might end up as a support request or a bug or a task or an issue. The Manager template allows work requests to be captured in one central place and then managed to completion in a different place. The key difference to the Work Tracker template above is the addition ot the "dispatch" function in this Work Manager template.

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