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Atidan is pleased to partner with AvePoint to deliver Collaboration, Infrastructure Management, Compliance Governance and Productivity to Microsoft SharePoint and Cloud Solutions.

DocAve Online for Microsoft@ Office 365 TM Management

Your Cloud. Our SaaS. The Perfect Storm

DocAve Online empowers organizations to extend cloud computing as their specific business needs dictate by enabling:

Granular content protection for Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange Online, and SkyDrive Pro On-demand

content restructuring

Simplified user and permissions management

Synchronization and publication of content across sites

Monitor and report on global SharePoint settings, security, and content type usage

AvePoint, the leader in governance and intrastructure management solutions tor Microsoft' SharePoint presents DocAve Online, an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) platform tor organizations utilizing Microsoft' Office 365 - SharePoint Online.
Hosted on Windows Azure's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, DocAve Online otters powerful administration, content management, reporting and data protection capabilities so organizations can maintain complete control over their cloud assets.

SharePoint Management Organizations must find ways to enforce governance policies, control site sprawl, and easily view and edit permissions across entire Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2010 environments as deployments expand and evolve. AvePoint's SharePoint management solutions give organizations the agility and control required to easily meet these critical management challenges - tor a single farm or hundreds of farms - in order to ensure SharePoint fulfills enterprises' specific business needs.
Mew, search, manage, report, deploy, and replicate configurations, content, and security settings across all SharePoint assets from a single interface
Maintain compliance with SharePoint governance policies tor SharePoint configurations, content, and customizations for enhanced lifecycle management
Apply the same level of administration and replication to all content externalized with DocAve's remote BLOB storage (RES) provider
As with all AvePoint software, DocAve administration solutions tor SharePoint utilize only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs.

The DocAve Software Platform is the industry's most powerful fully integrated infrastructure management solution tor SharePoint administration, protection, replication, migration, and compliance. Though all DocAve modules are piloted via a unified, browser-based interface, they are independently deployable so organizations can customize a powerful solution to meet their precise needs.

Infrastructure Management

AvePoint Compliance Guardian

DocAve Software Platform

DocAve Administrator
DocAve Analytics
DocAve Archiver
DocAve Backup and Restore
DocAve Connector
DocAve Content Manager
DocAve Deployment Manager
DocAve eDiscovery
DocAve File Share Navigator
DocAve Governance Automation
DocAve High Availability
DocAve Migrators
DocAve Online
DocAve Replicator
DocAve Report Center
DocAve SQL Server Data Manager
DocAve Storage Manager


AvePoint Compliance Guardian
AvePoint Perimeter
Compliance Detector
DocAve Archiver
DocAve eDiscovery
DocAve Vault


DocAve Administrator
DocAve Governance Automation

Moving to Cloud

DocAve Content Manager
DocAve Migrators
DocAve Online


Microsoft SharePoint

AvePoint Meetings
AvePoint Perimeter
AvePoint Task and Calendar Sync
DocAve Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

AvePoint CRM Migration Manager
AvePoint Pipeline
AvePoint Productivity Suite
AvePoint Timeline


Backup and Restore tor Salesforce
Content Replicator tor Salesforce
Data Replicator tor Salesforce

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