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The Most Widely Used Standard Digital Signature Solution

Millions of signers at security-minded businesses, governments and cloud services around the world are already using the proven Cosign digital signature solution to automate their signature-dependent processes and are gaining numerous benefits that other digital and electronic signature providers simply cannot match:

CoSign offers complete freedom of choice

Works with the content authoring applications and tile types that you are already using, including Word, Excel, outlook, PDF, PDF/A, InfoPath, TIFF, AutoCAD and many more.
Integrates digital signatures into the document/content management or workflow automation system of your choice, including SharePoint, OpenText, Oracle, Alfresco, Nintex, K2 and many more.
Allows your users to sign wherever and whenever they need to, whether at the office on their PC, at home on their tablet, or in the field using a mobile device.

CoSign ensures your control and security

Keeps your signed documents within your enterprise domain, never saving them on any third-party servers.
Adapts to your existing processes, governance policies and SOPs, instead of forcing you to adopt rigid workflows.
Integrates with the user directories and enrollment methods that meet your management and authentication requirements.

Cosign enables legal compliance

Complies with strict industry and governmental regulations including ESIGN, LJETA, EIJ directives and VAT law, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, USDA, SOX, and many more.
Supplies long-term proof of signer identity, signer intent and document integrity tor deniability and cyber-security purposes.
Offers signatures that can be easily validated by anyone, anywhere and at any time without the need for proprietary software.

Cosign delivers a low TCO and a quick ROI

Puts you on the path to significantly reduced paper-related costs with a rapid ROI and a low TCO.
Installs quickly with minimal operational impact, requiring less than 10 hours of IT work per year.
Offers flexible payment schedules based on your user capacity/signature requirement needs.

Digital Signatures for Enterprises, Governments and Cloud Services

Basic signing features

Easy-to-use digital signatures - A simple right click is all that you need in order to sign and seal your documents. Mew these demos showing how easy it is to add your digital signature using Cosign.
Signatures tor any document type - You can work with Cosign using all the major content authoring applications and tile formats: MS word, Excel, Outlook, InfoPath, Adobe PDF, AutoCAD, Bentley Microstation, TIFF, and many document types.
Native support for Microsoft Office and Into Path - The only solution that provides backward compatible signatures For and Excel including Office XP/2003/2007/2010/2013.
Globally trusted signatures - 100% standard digital signatures that can be validated by anyone, anywhere, at any time by using widely available software such as MS Office and Adobe Reader.
Long-term proof of signature - The signatures, as well as the signer's identity and intent, are embedded into the document, the integrity of which is ensured tor deniability purposes.
Creation of digitally signed PDFs - You can convert any document into a signed PDF using the integrated virtual signing feature.
Customizable graphical signatures - Your graphical signatures are fully customizable, and added to the document with the reason for signing (l approve, I agree, etc.), title, logo, date and time.
Multi-language support - Cosign supports users in eight languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese.

Advanced signing features

Multiple signatures and signers per document - Sign alongside your colleagues in a single document (one after another) when a series of approvers and/or an audit trail is required.
Approve only designated areas of the document - Particularly effective it you're using spreadsheets, digital signatures can be applied to specific section/s of the document.
Optional electronic and invisible signatures - You can choose whether you want to sign using digital, electronic or invisible signatures according to your specific needs.
unattended and batch signing - You can sign millions of consecutive documents unattended in batches, making the Cosign digital signature solution ideal tor bulk signing needs such as elnvoicing and eArchiving.
Additional advanced options - You can maintain further control through the use of secured time stamps, CRL and OCSP support, and signature counters.

Web and mobile features

The most secure web-based signatures - Ensure maximum security by never storing your documents on 3rd party servers tor more than a few seconds and, tor on-premises users, never even sending them to the cloud in the first place.
Anytime, anywhere access - Accelerate your workflows even further by providing easy access from any computer or mobile device without requiring any set-up or software installation, and through seamless and scalable integration with any web application.
Digital signatures online - Add one or more signatures to your PDF, Word and Excel documents, which can be uploaded from your computer or mobile device or from your cloud storage service (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive).

Seamless integration options

Direct integration with SharePoint - Cosign is the only digital signature solution that is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft SharePoint, as well as through the Nintex and K2 systems.
Connectors into leading DM/ECM/BPM/workflow solutions - Digitally sign documents in processes within the systems you are currently using, including OpenText, Oracle and Alfresco, as well as a wide variety of other Cosign Ready applications.
Digital signature engine tor cloud services - Cosign digital signatures can be integrated into any web portal or SaaS application. Read more about Cosign Developer solutions.
Integrate into new and existing applications - Developers can integrate Cosign digital signatures into any product or application by using one of the powerful Cosign APIs or the Cosign Signature Web Agent.

Comprehensive compliance with country/industry regulations

Industry and governmental regulations - Cosign complies with all major regulations including ESIGN, LJETA, EIJ directives and VAT law, FDA 21 CFR part 11, USDA, SOX, and many more.
International technical standards - Based on PKI technology, the only signature standard published, maintained and accepted by the LIS Government and the ELI as well as by independent bodies such as ISO, OASIS, IETF and W3C.
European Common Criteria regulations - Cosign is currently undergoing Common Criteria EAL4+ certification and is expected to be declared as SSCD (Secure Signature Creation Device) certified.

Control, security and IT features

Full document control - Your documents are signed locally within the protected boundaries of your enterprise domain and are never saved on any third-party servers.
Control over user authorizations - Cosign integrates with your enrollment/provisioning methods, leveraging existing user management systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory and other LDAP systems, tor control over signer authorizations.
Enhanced security - The signing keys are stored in a centralized and secure hardware device, ensuring that any tampering attempt will be immediately detectable.
Multiple authentication options - Cosign can be used based on your existing authentication methods, as it adapts to your operational procedures, governance policies and SOPs.
FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified - Every version ot the Cosign FIPS product, including both hardware and software, is validated tor FIPS 140-2 LEVEL 3 compliance and used by agencies that require a high security level
Certificate choices - You can choose many types of certificates, including those from Cosign's internal certificate authority (CA), a subordinate CA, an automatic web-trusted CA service, or an external CA through manual enrollment.
Scalability, high availability and load balancing - Cosign is scalable from a few signers to several million users and provides robust, high availability and load balancing options.

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