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Turning Data into Decisions



InsightBI goes beyond traditional dashboarding, reporting, and analysis capabilities, leveraging Altosoft three essential technology advantages to deliver:

  • Business Process Intelligence that enables you to monitor and analyze any business process, even if it spans multiple operational systems; and
  • Operational Business Intelligence that enables you to deliver information and analysis with real-time or right-time performance to a broad range of users, allowing superior management and optimization of business operations.

InsightBI is designed to exceed performance and scalability requirements for even the largest enterprises, but its rapid implementation, cost effectiveness, low maintenance, and ease-of-use also make it ideal for departmental solutions, mid-sized businesses, and embedded/OEM applications.

InsightBI includes several components that can be installed on a single host or distributed across multiple computers for shared access and optimal performance. These include:

  • Insight Dashboard for data monitoring, visualization and analysis
  • Insight Reports for robust, web-based reporting
  • Insight Analysis Server for analysis and data governance
  • Insight Incident Manager for workflow-driven incident and exception management
  • Microsoft Adapters for integration with Microsoft Office productivity tools and Microsoft SharePoint

InsightBI for SharePoint

Are you frustrated by the inefficiencies of building and delivering dashboards and reports through your enterprises SharePoint portal?

Are you looking to do more with your SQL Server data, but spending too much time on manual processes to integrate and analyze data across disparate systems?

Are you struggling with the complexities involved in using SQL Server? Integration Services to integrate data from SQL Server and other data sources?

Altosoft offers an alternative approach that can make delivery of Microsoft-centric BI up to 10x faster and far more cost-effective. This new approach makes data integration from SQL Server and other sources easy, while empowering your business to make more insightful, data-driven decisions directly within the SharePoint environment.

InsightBI for SharePoint enables InsightBI dashboard development, report creation, data visualization, and analysis natively and directly within Microsoft SharePoint. Users can create, view, and share entire dashboards, individual dashboard pages, or charts, graphs, grids, and other components, bringing essential business information to a wider business audience in the familiar SharePoint environment. All individual components as well as individual or multi-page dashboards are managed as Web Parts within SharePoint. Dashboard creation also takes place within SharePoint using a familiar, drag-and-drop paradigm. InsightBI for SharePoint also optionally supports end user report development in a self-service model, directly within the SharePoint environment.

Additionally, Altosoft .NET-based MetricsMart solution enables rapid integration, aggregation, and calculation of data from SQL Server and other data sources into final KPI metrics. These metrics are easily deliverable into SharePoint using the InsightBI native plug-in. The result is rapid, efficient, real-time, Microsoft-based business intelligence.

Altosoft makes it easy to build powerful dashboards and reports natively within SharePoint.

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