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CardioLog Analtyics' Offering of Social Reporting on Yammer Activity in your Portal Compatible with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

CardioLog Analytics offers a complete offering for organizations seeking to gather valuable insights on their Yammer platforms. With integration into SharePoint, both for on-premises and cloud based intranets, the CardioLog Analytics team has met the need for a high quality repotting solution to deliver holistic reports on enterprise Yammer activity.

Gain an understanding of the intricate details regarding Yammer activity, to better optimize and enhance your portal. Discovering which social channels need to be further expanded, and zoning in on the ones that have fluidity and traffic can be as simple as just a few clicks and a CardioLog Analytics Yammer social report. Find out who's creating engaging content, collaboration, and buzz on Yammer, and who may need a bit more guidance and training.

Atidan is pleased to offer CardioLog Analytics for Yammer- please contact us at for trial offers, demonstrations, and special pricing.

Among the menu of exclusive features CardioLog Analytics offers, Yammer social reports deliver:

  • User Adoption Rate Report to tracking Yammer growth trends
  • Influential Users Report to identify Yammer influencers
  • Users Activity Report to seek out evangelists, and users who need more training
  • Activity Report to locate collaboration efforts
  • Top Groups Report to recognize what groups are gaining the most traction





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