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Monitor, Support and Improve Technology Operations

GSX Monitor and Analyzer for SharePoint

Monitor, Report and Alert on the components and services that really matter while staying two steps ahead of your end users issues.


header Improve your performance, enhance user and business experiences, boost user adoption with constant tests ot your environment as a user would do and check the results ot your efforts to adjust resources and demands.
Receive insights on what you should work on to boost the user experience and avoid any performance complaints.
GSX Monitor Analyzer Streamline your business-critical messaging collaboration environments GSX Solutions' flagship product, GSX Monitor and Analyzer, proactively checks the key services users need to use at the site, server, at the tarm level and alerts you betore there is an impact on user experience.
GSX keeps a business up-and-running by identitying SharePoint services, sites and servers that have performance or availability bottlenecks betore they cause major impacts on your company

Powerful consolidated dashboard: Automated discovery of all SharePomt sewers m your orgamzatlon_ The SharePomt Overview displays a comprehensive overview of your sewers orgamzed by role: Web Front-end server, Applicat101xs server and SQL sewer With availability statuses on each of them.
Seeing SharePoint service levels from the user 's perspective, thus knowing that the busmess is gettmg what it needs from SharePoint
Delivering to service level agreements (SAS) by bemg smart about cause-and-effect befiveen mput factors (KPIs) and the outcome required
Conquering SharePoint site and data explosion, through keepmg a close eye on the growth of sites and data and supporting necessary corrective actions before busmess users are affected
Optimizing IT human r├Žsources, so that SharePomt administrators can focus on the effective use of SharePomt Instead of having their time consumed by other actlvltles Service monitoring by role, Including web front-end role, application role, and SQL role availability and size checks.
Advanced server management Via full service tracking and identify the issues more quickly by pmpomting their source.
Performs user scenariosacross the global farm to enhance the user experience
Generate extensive, flexible SharePoint reports than can be aligned With your particular SharePomt Infrastmcture
and forecast automated reports: On every statistics With friendly user Intelface and fast configuration and template Monitor and be alerted on key functions and management crlterna_ Index, success, SQL database availability, log scannmg for keywords, disk space availability momtoring
SharePoint monitoring: Ability to graph the response time on SharePoint Web services, receive access time ale-ft on SharePomt Web Services, report on Site usage, mdexer workload and catalog statistics, monitor services and components, monitor key Site availability and response time

GSX Monitor and Analyzer for Exchange


Master your IT's journey to the Cloud and keep an eye on the performance delivered to your end-users

By leveraging the cloud, you can position your IT department as a strategic services broker, which can lower the bottom line substantially tor the entire organization.

Try GSX Monitor & Analyzer and learn how it is the only tool on the market that measures and compares the Exchange service your company provides to your end users


Real-time monitoring intuitive dashboard: Full auto-discovery ot your Exchange Online organizations. Discover multiple organizations at multiple locations.
Multi-station architecture: Compare trends, identity bottlenecks, manage alerts and analyze levels ot services delivered to users across multiples sites and locations.
Advanced synthetic transactions through powerful end-user scenarios: Simulate critical end-users daily tasks and check the availability ot Exchange services by trequently controlling the execution time threshold.
Custom linked end-users scenarios: Measure the performance ot complex end-users set ot action done on Office 365
Proactive notifications: Detect any peak ot charge or latency issues and get instantly alerted. Set up predefined thresholds on performance and anticipate potential issues betore they impact the Business-Line.
Full integration with Microsott System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).
Mail routing on any version of Microsoft Exchange trom 2007 to Exchange Online.
Reporting: Compare instantly the performance ot your scenarios trom ditterent locations and create automatic reports using all statistics and indicators available.
Trends and forecast automated reports on all statistics with triendly user interface and tast contiguration and templates.
SLA reporting: Establish base line and performance SLA tor Exchange Online environments over specific time periods.
Identify bottlenecks: In real-time or over a period ot time, compare KPls and availability across your overall intrastructure to identity and tix issues rapidly
Enhanced Environment Health view to see what sites are underperforming, which have recurring issues, and which organizations are getting the heaviest use in order to adjust loads accordingly


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